Wednesday, July 16, 2008

JBoss Effect and Hibernate Session.connection()

Sometimes it seems as if there's a JBoss effect wherein developers, once they've become a part of JBoss, become somewhat arrogant and rude in dealing with some members of their community. At first, I thought this might be the Marc Fleury effect, but he's gone, and JBoss seems to still have the same effect at times.

Case in point is the recent deprecation of Session.connection() in Hibernate and the tone of the responses here (Google cache version if Atlassian's still doing maintenance) and here.

Now, granted, the method is deprecated, and the deprecation comment implies that it will be replaced in the future with new methods. That said, the comment neither talks about the dangers of using connection() nor talks about alternative approaches that could be taken, both of which are common in deprecation Javadoc, and both of which would likely have reduced the volume of questions they were going to field.

And, frankly, if the best you can do to "help" the community is to respond with brusque, unfriendly comments about said member's ability to read and/or interpret the rather spartan documentation on this point, perhaps you should just stick to coding, instead of "helping"?

I will point out that another thread, About 3.2.4 and Deprecated function, generally stayed in the informative and polite zone, mostly due to max. Thanks, max, it's nice to see. So if you want to know why Hibernate 3.2.4 is deprecating Session.connection(), read that thread instead.

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