Thursday, July 30, 2009

DemoCamp Toronto 21: Introduction

DemoCamp Toronto 21 (July 28th, 2009) took place at the Velma Rogers Theatre at 333 Bloor St. Joey DeVilla (@AccordionGuy), David Crow (@davidcrow) and Jay Goldman (@jaygoldman) kicked it off with the initial introductions:

The sessions for the night were:

  • Jon Udell, Microsoft, elmcity
  • Saul Colt, Zoocasa
  • Christine Renaud, ArtAnywhere
  • Brian Sharwood,
  • Alan Lynse, Cascada Mobile
  • Shaun McDonald, Mashup Arts
  • Dan Wood, WeGoWeGo
  • Ben Vinegar,
  • Jason Roks, guiGOOG
As well, there slides showing upcoming events:
  • Startup Drinks (July 29th)
  • WiredWedTO (Aug 12th)
  • #HoHOTo (Aug 18th)
  • Ignite Toronto (Aug 25th)
  • TEDxTO (Sep 10th)
And a few job listings:
  • Unsyced - Lead Developer (Waterloo)
  • FileMobile - Director, Technology & Operations
  • Aoulous - Software Developer
  • Sericon Technology - Facebook Application Testing
Midway through the presentations, there was a short break for pizza, cookies and drinks:

Although I focused on capturing the presentations, I was able to shoot a few photos:

Videos of the presentations to come.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Fixing Hessian Flex 3.2.0 References

If you're using Hessian Flex 3.2.0 and you'd like to fix the problem with references, the following one-line fix seems to do the job for me:

$ svn diff
Index: src/main/flex/hessian/io/
--- src/main/flex/hessian/io/ (revision 1172)
+++ src/main/flex/hessian/io/ (working copy)
@@ -129,9 +129,10 @@
public override function init(di:IDataInput):void
_di = di;
_buffer = new ByteArray();
_offset = 0;
_length = 0;
+ _refs = null;

Basically, HessianOperation hangs on to a Hessian2Input class between invocations, and calls init() to clear out the state before using the class for another invocation. The init() doesn't currently clear the reference cache. By setting _refs to null, you clear the cache and Hessian2Input will simply instantiate a new array in its place if and when it needs to do so.