Thursday, July 30, 2009

DemoCamp Toronto 21: Introduction

DemoCamp Toronto 21 (July 28th, 2009) took place at the Velma Rogers Theatre at 333 Bloor St. Joey DeVilla (@AccordionGuy), David Crow (@davidcrow) and Jay Goldman (@jaygoldman) kicked it off with the initial introductions:

The sessions for the night were:

  • Jon Udell, Microsoft, elmcity
  • Saul Colt, Zoocasa
  • Christine Renaud, ArtAnywhere
  • Brian Sharwood,
  • Alan Lynse, Cascada Mobile
  • Shaun McDonald, Mashup Arts
  • Dan Wood, WeGoWeGo
  • Ben Vinegar,
  • Jason Roks, guiGOOG
As well, there slides showing upcoming events:
  • Startup Drinks (July 29th)
  • WiredWedTO (Aug 12th)
  • #HoHOTo (Aug 18th)
  • Ignite Toronto (Aug 25th)
  • TEDxTO (Sep 10th)
And a few job listings:
  • Unsyced - Lead Developer (Waterloo)
  • FileMobile - Director, Technology & Operations
  • Aoulous - Software Developer
  • Sericon Technology - Facebook Application Testing
Midway through the presentations, there was a short break for pizza, cookies and drinks:

Although I focused on capturing the presentations, I was able to shoot a few photos:

Videos of the presentations to come.

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