Saturday, August 1, 2009

'elmcity' by Jon Udell @ DemoCamp Toronto 21

Jon Udell was the first presenter at DemoCamp Toronto 21, covering 'elmcity', his project to allow a directory of events by linking in iCal format using delicious accounts as markers for finding the iCal files.

Despite a proliferation of event information on the web in various forms, it's not always easy to bring that together in a useful way. Although "elmcity" seems like an interesting project, I'm not sure that I see elmcity changing that directly. I agree with the problem statement, but the demo didn't make me want to stand up and ask, "How can I get access to this right away?"

Jon took a little longer than most presentations, and thus is longer than YouTube's 10-minute limit, so I've broken his presentation up into two videos:

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