Friday, August 14, 2009

Mashup Arts - Shaun MacDonald - DemoCamp Toronto 21

Shaun MacDonald presented Mashup Arts at DemoCamp Toronto 21 (July 28th, 2009; Velma Rogers Theatre; 333 Bloor Street East):

If you'd like to see the video larger in HD, feel free to click through to YouTube.

MashupArts is essentially rich media e-cards whereby you load videos and photos from the web into your card and then share it, and get others to collaborate with you on the card before sending it to the victim/recipient.

The concept seems sound, although I think there's still a fair ways to go before this is a polished, fully-featured application. There are features that I'd like to see added, and parts of the interface felt like they needed further work, but as long as it continues to improve, this seems like something that has potential to succeed.

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