Thursday, August 13, 2009

Breeze - Alan Lynse / Cascada Mobile - DemoCamp Toronto 21

Alan Lynse of Cascada Mobile presented Breeze at DemoCamp Toronto 21 at the Velma Rogers Theatre (333 Bloor Street East) on July 28th, 2009. Breeze is a platform for building mobile applications using web technologies that run on a wide array of mobile phone platforms (iPhone, Android, etc.):

In this case, not only can you click through to YouTube, I recommend that you do, since part of this demonstration involves coding in Eclipse, which is a lot easier on your eyes if you switch to the larger HD mode.

Seems like a good way for companies to build simple applications that cross all handsets. If you want the polish of a fully native application that's tailored to the capabilities and design of a particular device, this probably won't cut it, but not everybody needs that, particularly for the first pass.

I don't see this surplanting native mobile application development any time soon, but it's a useful option to keep in mind.

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