Tuesday, August 18, 2009

WeGoWeGo - Dan Wood & Martin Pietrzak - DemoCamp Toronto 21

Dan Wood and Martin Pietrzak presented WeGoWeGo at DemoCamp Toronto 21 (Velma Rogers Theatre, 333 Bloor Street East; 28-Jul-2009):

I also captured the Q&A session that followed:

As always, you can feel free to click through to YouTube (presentation, Q&A) to watch the larger HD stream.

They do a user-generated content site for listing things to do. They attempt to differentiate through the search model ("faceted search categorization"). I have to say, this just didn't seem like it was currently differentiated enough to grab my attention. There's a lot of web sites in this space, and I'm not convinced the search is sufficient, particularly in a world where network effects create a sort of lock-in, giving the first-movers a bit of an edge.

That said, I'm happy to be proven wrong.


Martin said...

Thanks Geoffrey for posting the video. I invite you to be part of the creative process of making WeGoWeGo.com the best tool in this space. Let us know what you think would help us clearly differentiate ourselves? We welcome your feedback and cooperation. Thanks

Geoffrey Wiseman said...

To be honest, I don't use the sites in this space enough to really offer useful advice.

I think the site with the users wins, by having the best content. So focus on getting users who're willing to generate the content you need. Make it easy to submit reviews. Get attention.

It's also important for the content to be accessible and well-placed in search engines, so your search capability and some good SEO is probably important.

But mostly, I think you just need to win over the user base -- open a dialogue, get feedback, use @SaulColt and @FreshBooks techniques for engaging your users.