Wednesday, August 19, 2009

GuestList - Ben Vinegar - DemoCamp Toronto 21

Ben Vinegar presented Guestlist at DemoCamp Toronto 21 (Velma Rogers Theatre; 333 Bloor Street East; 28-Jul-2009):

If you'd like to see the large/HD version, click through to YouTube. I also recorded the Q&A that followed (YouTube):

Ben had a self-deprecating style which initially made me wonder if the presentation was going to bomb, but he pulled it off with aplomb, and it ended up being one of the more entertaining demos of the night.

Guestlist is one of the more polished and promising applications I've seen at DemoCamp, and I expect this won't be the last time you hear something about it. I'd say it has a relatively bright future in front of it. It's not a unique product, it's just very well executed.

Apparently the Guestlist folks mostly (all?) work at FreshBooks.

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Zach said...

It is true, they all work at FreshBooks. That is what is great about working here. You are surrounded by great people and management supports these types of side projects. :D