Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Zoocasa, presented by Saul Colt at DemoCamp Toronto 21

Saul Colt presented Zoocasa at DemoCamp Toronto 21 on Wednesday July 28th, 2009 at the Velma Rogers Theatre. Zoocasa is a site to search for real-estate in Canada. They argue they're complementary to other real-estate sites like Realtor.ca, and differentiate themselves by ways to search for houses:

You can click-through to YouTube to see the video in larger form; it's available in HD.

They get their listings from the public web, which means that they have some listings that MLS doesn't have, and don't have all the listings that MLS does have. This is their achilles heel; if MLS data were publicly available, Zoocasa might well be a better choice than realtor.ca, but since the real estate business keeps their listings under lock and key, there's only so far Zoocasa can go.

There was a spirited question period. In particular, an audience-member who felt that Zoocasa needed to consider alternate forms of profit-model. I wasn't capturing questions in order to save battery life, which is a position this presentation made me want to revise.

On a side note, I shot the video pretty closely cropped, which doesn't give iMovie much image stabilization to work with, so it's very shaky-cam; I'll have to shoot it a little wider in the future. A tripod would help, but would probably get in the way of catching both the slides and the video in concert.


saulcolt said...

Thanks so much for posting this up as I really wanted to show my Dad this talk....and spread the word about Zoocasa!

Saul Colt
Head of Magic

Corby Fine said...

Great presentation Saul...good luck with Zoocasa