Monday, August 18, 2008

PURE + AJAX + REST + JSON Web Framework

I am imagining a web framework that delivered static HTML which made data requests to the server using AJAX to REST services that returned JSON, which were mapped into the HTML using PURE.

I'm curious to see what working in that kind of structure would be like. Seems very tightly compartmentalized, quite possibly in a good way.

In particular, I'm not totally sold on the idea that interleaving application data with HTML on the server-side is the right approach - sending down a clean, cacheable template of HTML (possibly still generated on the server-side to put components together and so forth), and then sending down a really thin data representation and having the client interleave the two seems appealing, and I haven't yet worked with a web framework that goes in that direction.


Gavin Terrill said...

This PURE thing seems to be getting some traction. Seen a couple of references to it now. From the cursory glance I did, it looks interesting. Wondering if this could be done with it.

Stephan.Schmidt said...

I'm giving a speech about that scenario in September in Berlin.

I too find it strange now to generate HTML on the server.

Pure looks good, I only miss conditionals.


Yves Hiernaux said...

Thank you Geoffrey for posting about PURE.

If you have any question, don't hesitate to pass by our discussion group :

But Stephan might already have told you since he already participated.

About conditionals we are thinking about ways to easily extend the core of PURE. We will tell more on our blog (

Yves Hiernaux said...

Short message to inform you that we have released a new version of PURE :

New features such as Auto-Rendering and Recursive Template Call