Thursday, November 6, 2008

Google AppEngine Syntax Errors with CRLFs under Cygwin

I've had a frustrating patch using Google App Engine lately.  Trying to use minidom under Windows was giving me an import error -- possibly I needed to find a way to install expat?  I installed python via cygwin to see if that was any better, in part because I could see that libexpat was a viable option under cygwin, and in part because I was sick of Python not understanding my Bash-style paths.

That solved the problems with Minidom, but then I suddenly started getting syntax errors on perfectly reasonable (and previously operational) import statements, which was pretty frustrating.  After a few false starts, I discovered that some Mac/Python users ran into similar errors when using GAE on Python scripts that had Windows-style CRLFs instead of simple line feeds.  I switched the line terminators in Eclipse, and voila, problem went away.

The issue report I found is closed, but i've commented in the hopes that the fix can make it into GAE for Windows for those of us using Cygwin.  i'm looking forward to replacing this half-dead laptop with something better that will run Linux or OS X in the near future.

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