Wednesday, March 4, 2009

First Month as an Apple User: *%@#&$

So, on 09-Feb at 9am, I placed an order for a MacBook Pro 15".

There were a few delays in shipping the order, but it finally shipped on 14-Feb and I got it on the 17th. A little slow, but no big deal. I spent the week setting it up so that it would be ready for personal use and contract work.

On Friday (20th), the ethernet port suddenly died altogether. Wifi was still working, so I signed up for the Genius Bar Monday morning, then took it home. I tried it with some more networking equipment over the weekend to make sure the problem was the laptop, but sadly nothing worked.

On monday (23rd) the Genius Bar agreed that the ethernet port was dead, and suggested I send it back for a replacement. The joy of getting a custom-configured machine from apple (more RAM, faster HD) is that instead of doing a quick in-store exchange, they can make you wait for another few days. I returned it the next day after getting their RMA form, and they processed the return.

The order status updated to show the return processed on the 25th, and I began to wait some more. By 01-Mar, I was starting my new contract, without a good machine to do it on, which was really irritating. On 02-Mar, Apple updated their processor lineup. I checked my order status again and noticed that I was getting the 2.66GHz update, but that my hard drive was downgraded to the 5400 rpm.

After another half-hour with support, I'm back to a 7200rpm hard drive, and I've learned that the hold on the replacement laptop was never released after I returned the original, so I've been waiting for no reason. The hold is now released, and now, sometime over a month after I ordered it, I may receive a working laptop.

So far, my user experience as an Apple convert isn't working out all that well. The apple support people are nice enough, but the fact that I've had to call them several times in the first month of ownership, most of which I've spent without an actual Apple is really starting to piss me off.

This had better be the last hangup.


synodinos said...

There is something almost gratifying in knowing that tech support is @#$%^ all over the world :)

I plan to convert after QCon and as far as I know Ryan seems to be very happy with his MBP.

Keith Orpen said...

I think they like it best if you "spel" their name right...

In any case, I never had a single problem with my (quite old now) MBP. Never a problem that couldn't be referred elsewhere, in any case (usually to the operator).