Sunday, May 3, 2009

What's New in Eclipse 3.5: Milestone 7

Milestone seven of Eclipse 3.5 is out, and it solves a long-standing annoyance for me with Eclipse, which is that you switch between editor tabs with Ctrl-PgUp and Ctrl-PgDown, but in a multi-tab editor, you switch within the editor with the same keystroke. This leads to weird behaviours like when you want to switch from a Java tab to another Java tab but pass through an XML tab with design/source view and get "trapped" because the keystroke you were using no longer lets you continue.

It also looks like support for cocoa on OS X continues to improve.


Bogdan said...

IntelliJ Idea is still kicking eclipse's ass.

Anonymous said...

Actually, no - it doesn't. I've tried IDEA several times in the past, including a couple of week ago I tried the latest and greatest version and it doesn't hold a candle:
- It cannot be said enough, SWT kicks butt. Especially on non-Windows platforms (as Swing's look and feel works best with Windows XP), anything written in SWT is tons easier to use then anything written in Swing.
- IDEA doesn't have a fraction of the amount of plugins and extensions that Eclipse has.
- Eclipse is so much simpler to manage and configure then IDEA that its a no brainer.

IDEA used to be the best Java IDE around, but it hasn't advanced enough nor managed to collect the mind-share that Eclipse has.