Friday, April 2, 2010

OS X 10.6.3 and GWT 1.x

Safari 4.0.4, when it came out, had an issue with respect to GWT development, causing the GWT hosted mode browser to crash on load. As a result, I didn't take the Safari 4.0.4 update. When Safari 4.0.5 came out, reports indicated that it wasn't any better, despite the fact that some of the interim builds of WebKit had been used successfully, so I didn't take that update either.

Unfortunately, I did take OS X 10.6.3, which apparently came down with Safari 4.0.4 and broke my GWT development environment. I tried upgrading to Safari 4.0.5, but had no success. Eventually, I settled on the workaround that others were using with the WebKit nightly build (comment #22 on that issue) which seems to have solved my problems.

I did also briefly look into upgrading my current project to GWT 2.0.3; seems like it works pretty well, but we're coming up on a release point and it's an awkward time to do a framework upgrade. I'm hoping that by broadcasting this, some of you will avoid this same path.

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