Saturday, June 16, 2007

Week in Review: June 10-16

Another busy week. I started at The Feedroom, which has been interesting so far. We'll see how I feel in a few months, but so far, so good. I'll be more comfortable when I have a better understanding of the domain in which we operate, and a stronger sense of the needs and requirements of the software we'll be building.

Looking through my Google Reader shared links, and a few others, I've saved the following:

  • W3C's (ancient) description of lost-update came up in the context of Atom Publishing Protocol (APP); if you haven't looked at this before, and you do web applications and web services, you probably should.
  • The Easy Glider looks like it'd have a lot of the potential value of the Segway, but with a radically lower cost that would make it a lot more attainable. Sure, the technology behind it is simpler, less impressive, but is that really the point? But then, isn't that where the bicycle excels?
  • The Trail-Gator looks like a nice way to keep your kids 'in line' when you need to and let them explore when you don't. At least, if you and your children both cycle.
  • The Capsule Turntable Room is stylish outdoor furniture which would look really nice in the right setting. S'probably expensive.
  • This belt is really interesting. It's price is not. I could get a half-decent lens for that price.
  • Acabion GTBO is yet another of those car/motorcycle hybrids that get a lot of interesting press but nobody actually buys.
  • The Humanscale Daybed looks like a nice place to relax and use the laptop.
  • Marc Andressen lists Killer OS X applications for 2007 and an extensive list of cheatsheets: handy.
  • Every year or two, I feel like I want a smoker. So then I look them up, read about the Weber Bullet, determine where to buy supplies, and ... then do nothing for another two years.
  • Archy looks like an interesting way to list and select Maven archetypes.
  • I'd almost forgotten xiao xiao's stick figure combat; I was cleaning off the server downstairs and found one of these videos.
  • The Whirlpool Factory Clearance Centre in Mississauga might have the blender ring we seem to have lost.

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