Friday, June 1, 2007


Last weekend at Doors Open, while wandering around the distillery district, we discovered a baby starling wandering around on the street. He was too young to fly, and there didn't seem to be any parents about.

He wasn't very afraid of us, or of the cars, so we took him someplace a little quieter, to see if he'd be ok there, possibly be found by his parents. He seemed ready to jump back into the action again, and we didn't have a better plan, so we called the humane society, who were kind enough to take him (or her).

I dubbed him fluffy, due to the wispy feathers on his head and neck (and due to the fact that I once had a hamster of that name).

I feel sorry for separating him from his parents, potentially, but I'd rather that than he be roadkill, which seemed more likely.

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