Thursday, May 31, 2007

In Review: May 20-26, 2007

Again, the week in review:

  • Computing, Development and the Internet
    • Google: Efficient Power Supplies: A Google whitepaper on why power supplies are inefficient, what they're doing about it, and the possibility that we'll all eventually benefit from it.
    • Rails made web frameworks so 'cool' that even Perl's got one: Catalyst [Jamie].
    • Telus, like most carriers, locks down the features of their phones. Fortunately, I'm not the only one who doesn't want to live within those constraints, so I simply have to follow in the footsteps of others to use MP3 ringtones, shut off the loud camera noise and install J2ME applications [howard forums].
    • BlogPulse is a nice way to research blog trending.
    • Lessons from Usenet, and the internet form of the Tragedy of the Commons [Chuqui 3.0].
    • OpenDNS on Google and Dell's browser error handling; is it ethical? Is Google "doing evil"?
    • UMLGraph is an interesting idea, but I'd like it to be more directed. Graphs are most meaningful when they're trying to communciate something specific. I don't find UML to be the best form for documentation/reference.
    • You may know most of all of these Eclipse shortcuts, but it doesn't hurt to do a quick review. If you learn something here, it may pay off.
    • Coding Horror stands up for Javascript, the Lingua Franca of the Web.
    • Flickr Backup seems to allow you to get a backup of the images you've promoted to Flickr. Not a bad idea in the case of catastrophic archive failure.
    • I keep meaning to use WikiTravel, but I never do.
    • Transmission seems to have done a good job of getting Torrents on Pierrette's macbook.
    • A little bit more about the art of interface design and the uncanny valley which uses the Polar Express as an example.
  • Stuff
    • Reyka Vodka: Icelandic vodka made from glacial water and distilled using geothermal energy. Of course, unless you live in Iceland, this is probably shipped direct-to-you on plane using jet fuel, so unless you already drink imported vodka, you might be better off buying locally [NOTCOT].
    • I'm interested in digital photo frames that can connect to Flickr, but I'm still not sold on either battery-operated or corded forms; I guess it has to be one or the other, but I don't have to like either tradeoff.
    • Amusing "Dear Cell Phone User" cards you can deliver to loud conversers. Then again, I use my cellphone in public, so perhaps I'll get one of these instead.
    • National Geographic Adventure Paper sounds good, but some reviewers seem to have troubles with the waterproofing, and the cost is very steep.
    • The 'Open Design Club' sounds like an interesting idea. Always interesting to see 'open' move beyond 'open source'.
    • PYG Design's "Snug" (under Furniture) looks both cute and useful. Basically, a blanket with "tentacles" that allow you to get your hands or head outside at strategic points. Allows you to be enclosed and warm, but still interact with your environment.
    • This Miyake watch is stylish, but, then, I don't wear the watches I have much, so perhaps I should just given up on watches.
    • I'm not sold on ultra-mobile PCs, but, frankly, it's depressing watching the once-great Palm suffer, so I hope they manage to do something really interesting.
    • An amusing take on the potential meltdown of Web 2.0 [Sterling].
    • allows you to sketch on top of a photo from flickr; diverting mashup.
    • A good rant by "Uncle Bob" on XML languages and BPEL.
    • Visually interesting "inside-out" glassware protects your beverage from the heat of your hand.
    • If Dell really brings something like this monitor to production, it'll be fascinating, but color me skeptical.
    • Interesting and detailed coverage of the high-iso claims of recent point-and-shoot cameras. []
  • Other
As before, I'm surprised by the volume of this; I know I read a lot of material on the internet, but when I look at it in aggregate, it seems like more than I'd expect, considering I must save a good chunk less than what I consume.

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