Thursday, May 10, 2007

Eclipse 3.3 M7 - Web Tools and First Thoughts

I've had some issues getting Web Tools (XML Editor, HTML editor) up and running on M7 using the Europa update site. It seems as if it might be missing pre-requisites that the update site didn't force me to get.

At first, even the XML editor didn't load; so I got a few things that I thought it might need. GEF, EMF, the like. That got the XML editor loading, but not the HTML editor. Got a few more prerequisites (SDO, DTP, and a few others) after checking the WTP page, and it looks like I've got them both loading.

All in all, 3.3's working out reasonably well. The on-by-default spell check is vaguely annoying in some files, and great in others. The clean-up-on-save feature is great, I'm loving that, as is the ability to show the JARs under a 'Referenced Libraries' item in the package explorer.


pcdinh said...

In term of XML support, Netbeans seems to get better and better.Have you tried the lastest Netbeans 6 yet?

Geoffrey Wiseman said...

I haven't; I've tried a few of the last releases, but nothing in the 6.X line.

To be honest, every time I fire it up, I find it awkward and irritating.

That said, I got the same vibes from Eclipse before I was forced to make the switch from IDEA at a new company, and then adjusted fairly rapidly, so perhaps I haven't used it for long enough.

One of these days, I want to try some J2ME development; I hear Netbeans is good at that, so I might try it out more thoroughly then.

Robert Konigsberg said...

The problem with the spell checker for 3.3M7 has been reported, fixed, and targeted for 3.3 RC1

Geoffrey Wiseman said...

Yeah, noticed that last night; actually, in Java files, it doesn't seem to be giving me too many problems.

Mostly, I'd just like more contextual control over it -- don't spellcheck inside $Id...$ CVS keyword expansions, don't spellcheck validated XML elements, that sort of thing.