Friday, May 4, 2007

Eclipse 3.3 M7 Released - New Features

It's been released, you can go download it. The new and noteworthy includes:

  • Quick Access: Looks like this'll be a nice way to use the IDE from the keyboard.
  • Editor Area Drag-and-Drop: This is one of those things that you get used to, but can be a little frustrating. Glad to see that I'll be able to just drag files into Eclipse now.
  • Launch Selection vs. Launch Last: This seems like it'll ease the transition for some people.
  • Introduce Parameter Object: This looks like a good way to refactor methods that take many parameters.
  • Block and line comments in the first column can be excluded from reformatting. This is useful when you use Ctrl-/, because the reformat makes it more painful to undo using Ctrl-/.
And more, of course; these are just the ones that appeal to me.

UPDATE: Since Eclipse can be hard to get in the first few days, depending on congestion, I've shared it on GigaSize (so I can get it at home without competing with the rest of you). You're welcome to make use of that same share, if you're having trouble with the main site.

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