Friday, May 11, 2007

Eclipse 3.3 M7: Better Diffing

I'm not sure which of the 3.3 milestones included the improved diffing, but ... thank you!

This is so, so much better when it comes to differentiating between changes that are mostly whitespace and those that aren't. Very, very nice to have this. (Woulda been nice three years ago, but, hey, better late than never.)


Andrew Perepelytsya said...

It's sad, as IDEA had this kind of diffing for couple years now. Not to take away your excitement though...

Geoffrey Wiseman said...

I haven't used IDEA extensively in a few years now; last time I used it, it's diffs weren't nearly as complete as Eclipse's, but it wouldn't surprise me if that's changed.

Eclipse has had decent diffs for some time, but it hasn't, until recently, done a good job of differentiating, in a large block of formatting changes, which areas have changed; it would tend to highlight the entire block, and you'd have to iterate through the detailed changes one by one to tell if there was a functional change, rather than being able to do it visually while just scrolling.

Anyway -- don't want to ignite any wars one way or another; there's a lot of differences between each of the IDEs, and I'm no expert on how Netbeans and IDEA compare in this respect on modern versions, but if you /are/ using Eclipse, this is good news.