Thursday, August 23, 2007

Globalize 'Internal Storage', First Look

I took a moment this morning to examine the new internal storage model for Globalize, wherein translations are kept within the original table. It seems to have a few more caveats:

  • Rails doesn't instinctively understand that the translated column names are not otherwise normal attributes; that means that any "iterate over all fields" code may have the translated columns show up as well. (e.g. scaffold show html).
  • If you haven't inserted the translation column for a locale to which the user can set, rather than using the base language, the user will not see any value. So, for instance, I turned on internal-storage on an example class with a single translated 'name' field. I created an example record (e.g. name='Hello') and switched to an 'fr' locale; instead of getting the contents of the name field ('Hello'), I got an empty string ('').
It's an interesting choice, mostly because it breaks less of Rails than Globalize's other model. I prefer the 'external storage' approach in many cases, particularly if you're dealing with a product or SaaS application where the number of supported languages is not clearly known up-front.

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