Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Ruby on Rails on Bamboo: Unit Tests

In my previous post about Continuously Integrating Ruby on Rails with Bamboo, I walked through a simple setup for a Ruby on Rails project in Bamboo. That setup is a good starting point, but it's missing useful elements, like understanding the unit tests within the project, and test coverage:

Unit Testing Ruby on Rails with Bamboo
Let's start with unit tests. Bamboo understands the JUnit XML format, which Ruby doesn't normally emit (what with not using JUnit and all). Fortunately, someone's written a Rails plugin called ci_reporter that emits these files for us.

$ gem install ci_reporter
Bulk updating Gem source index for:
Successfully installed ci_reporter-1.3.3
Installing ri documentation for ci_reporter-1.3.3...
Installing RDoc documentation for ci_reporter-1.3.3...
$ script/plugin install
+ ./ci_reporter/tasks/ci_reporter.rake
$ svn add vendor/plugins/ci_reporter/
A vendor/plugins/ci_reporter
A vendor/plugins/ci_reporter/tasks
A vendor/plugins/ci_reporter/tasks/ci_reporter.rake
$ svn ci -m "Added CI reporter to project."
Adding vendor/plugins/ci_reporter
Adding vendor/plugins/ci_reporter/tasks
Adding vendor/plugins/ci_reporter/tasks/ci_reporter.rake
Transmitting file data .
Committed revision 411.

You'll probably have to ensure the ci_reporter gem is installed on your instance of Bamboo as well. Once this is complete, you'll want to modify your Plan:

And build the project:

See? Tests! Bamboo can find the XML files generated in test/reports, and use them to understand the testing of your Ruby on Rails application. Now, in a Java/JUnit project, Bamboo does a fine job of turning the test methods into readable names, but for now that's not true with Test::Unit test names, but they're working on it.

Next step: Coverage. But that'll be another day.

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Adrian Hempel said...


Thanks for another great post on using Bamboo with Rails.

You'll be pleased to hear that Bamboo 1.2.3 will be available for download within the next 2 weeks, and it incorporates your suggested improvement for the parsing of Test::Unit test names.

Thanks again for your support. We really appreciate it!


Adrian Hempel
Bamboo Developer