Friday, April 11, 2008

Gartner: Windows is Collapsing

Gartner says Windows is Collapsing. While I don't believe in industry analysis for the most part, and any headline like this is oversimplified, I'll agree insofar as this:

Microsoft has survived a poorly reviewed operating system before, but they're beseiged right now. If the next version of Windows doesn't get business accolades, we may well have witnessed the beginning of the end. Microsoft isn't going anywhere now, tomorrow, or even next year or the year after, but if they don't make some ground, they're going to be increasingly marginalized as a technology has-been.

Some people would argue they're there already, and have been there for a while, but as long as Windows and Office continued to bring in the Cash, it's hard to argue. If that destabilizes, Microsoft will begin to devolve for real.

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