Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bean Validation Public Draft

Sounds like Bean Validation has been voted through the public draft stage. I've just finally managed to get my voluminous feedback into the appropriate hibernate forum after wading through the spec.

Mostly, it looks reasonable, although I'd prefer to skip the bootstrapping entirely, or alter it pretty significantly so that it doesn't remind me of Why I Hate Frameworks.

I'm also not sold that we really NEED a JSR for this until there are multiple competing and incompatible implementations that take on validation seriously, which isn't currently true, IMO. Although I've used Hibernate Validator before, I'm not sure one implementation justifies a JSR.

But anyway.


Anonymous said...

OVal all the way...

Geoffrey Wiseman said...

I apparently had OVal in my delicious links already, but had forgotten about it. Looks decent. I'll give it a try sometime.