Friday, February 13, 2009

Metro Toronto Fires All breast Writers

Well, last night I read (twitter, Globe and Mail) that Metro Toronto had fired all its staff writers and was going to be using unpaid interns.

This morning, reading a review of Friday the 13th, I found this paragraph, emphasis mine:
There's no mistaking Friday's intentions -- this is definitely for Jason Voorhees fans.  Not only does it overlap the thirteen killings (very clever!) that occur over the film's 97 minutes, but they're ultimately underwhelming.  breasts.  In fact, with very little suspense to speak of, Friday the 13th isn't scary at all ... unless of course, you're a film critic.
I'm wondering -- is this what happens when unpaid interns write your copy, or is an act of vengance in the last words penned by a departing writer?

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Geoffrey Wiseman said...

Ah, Torontoist picked it up and ran with it; good to see. Actually, they noticed that the website has an even worse version. ;)